25 July 2011

What not to do when dealing with underaged girls

I decided to try implying that I was still in high school to a few people. I have varied responses, which I'll probably get around to posting at some point, but there are two that I'd like to use as examples. To any guys who read this blog and use online dating for real - if a girl implies that she is still in high school, and therefore likely underage or extremely close to it, there are two ways to respond. First:
See what this guy did? He asked a question to confirm his suspicions, and then he walked away. This is the correct response. Now, we'll move on to the incorrect response:
Strong enough yet?
So then, of course, I had to go a little farther. For science, and all.
Yep. Tomorrow we'll get into what happens when little Ashleigh's stepfather finds her online dating account open on her computer and takes it away until she learns to stop being such a skank bitch whore like her mother. For real, it's coming in another post, I promise.

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