21 July 2011

It's my one week Blogaversary!

A BLOGAVERSARY??!! How romantic!!

I just thought I'd share some quick stats on the first week of CaRI, because I find them interesting. For example, this blog has gotten nearly 1000 views in just one week. Woah. I was expecting something along the lines of 100. But hey, if you like it and it entertains you, by all means, spread the news, y'all.

Overall views to date: 975
OkCupid's analysis of average visitors to my profile per week: 111. This makes no sense because:
Number of messages from different people that I have received: ~180. I can't get an exact number, because I delete them after screenshotting the interesting ones and deleting the ones that don't make the cut. But given that I've got conversations from 93 people saved on my computer and currently have 67 in my inbox, plus inflating for the ones I've just straight up deleted, I think it's a good estimate.
People who have called me a bitch on OkCupid: Surprisingly, just one.
People who have called me a bitch on this blog: Surprisingly, none. ONE!
Country in which this blog is most popular: The United States (shocker)
Country in which this blog is second most popular: Malaysia (Hello, Malaysians.)
People I have seen with Nazi tattoos this week: One.
Number of times I could have had casual sex this week, if I lived where my profile says I do: Countless
Number of times I have wanted to have casual sex this week: Zero.

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