18 July 2011

Internet Perverts, Part 2

Remember Merv? I think he and David should meet each other.

Disclaimer: This post is grossly NSFW.

Disclaimer 2: Don't try to gross out people on the internet, because they will beat you.

There is nothing attractive to me (and most people, I believe) about pooping. And even less about telling some rando on the interwebs that you're pooping. But just my luck, I happened to say this to someone who was an outlier.
See? When in doubt, bring up the devil. Or the baby Jesus. They both work wonders for killing conversations. But this dude was already riled up.
I am not being encouraging, here, am I? Maybe I'm alone here, but if I was to say dirty sexual things to someone online, I'd want to know they were wanted.
Fun Fact! I have a cousin who may or may not actually be allergic to semen. Not so fun fact: the unwanted messages kept coming. As with Merv, I gave up.

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