21 July 2011

I don't understand these guys the most

It started out like any other conversation:

I'm fairly certain I made up pubic acne, but you never really know. Super gonorrhea is real, a fact that I know thanks to my 11th grade Christian Morality class, in which all we learned about were STDs and identifying sociopaths. But, of course, three STDs, a murderous boyfriend, and not believing in birth control are not enough to sway the affections of the OkCupid male. It's like true love.

This is the part that I seriously don't understand. After the STDs, the allusions to being a used-up porn star, and the insult to his "python" (which I doubt is 10 inches long, btdubs), he clearly realizes that I'm full of shit. And yet, he thinks that somehow HE'LL be the one to convince me to "roll the dice," mostly by talking up his skills in the sack. And he is definitely not the only guy to talk himself up to me like this. If you have to talk yourself up on a dating site, I kinda doubt you're actually all that good. I also really doubt that even a tenth as many guys who claim to be fantastic lovers actually are. Honestly, does any girl believe this? Am I supposed to go "Well, you claim to be good at it, so let's bang!"

Does this approach ever work?

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