20 July 2011

The Laundry Excuse

This is the worst excuse ever to get out of something if you live somewhere with a washer and dryer, unless that something requires leaving your residence for longer than an hour. You know why? Because this is how laundry goes:

STEP 1: Load washer. Estimated time: 2 minutes.

STEP 2: Wait for washer to finish. Estimated time: 40 minutes.

STEP 3: Load dryer, and washer if you have another load to do. Estimated time: 2 minutes.

STEP 4: Wait for dryer to finish. Estimated time: 70 minutes.

Unfortunately, I can't actually take credit for making up this one. My ex used to use this excuse often to avoid having sex with me. And somehow, I was still shocked when I found out he was gay.

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