15 July 2011

People on the Internet are Nasty.

Alright, I might already need to give up on my rule that I'll respond to every message. It is extremely difficult to keep up with, and I start working again on Monday.

But to the point, so far I have discovered that there are some seriously messed-up people out there. And I can not stress that enough. Responses are pretty varied, from people who receive one crazy message back from me and immediately give up to the ones that no matter how hard I try, I just cannot seem to shake.

For today's post, though, I'll focus on the ones I seem to have managed to scare away in just one or two responses.

The coming on too strong approach:

Twisting your words:

Just straight-up insensitive and obnoxious:

Annoying and potentially insane:

My current personal favorite, the "respond with whatever is currently on TV." This one was a commercial for Rite Aid.

The Rhymer:

And, last but not least, the "I can't find anything I like about you."

That's all I'll post for today. Tomorrow we'll get into the ones I'm having trouble scaring away. Be ready for some seriously weird stuff.

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