14 November 2011

And we have a winner!

That's right, someone finally out-crazied me.

A response == I want to see your penis

I'm sorry to say he didn't give up after that.


Thanks, Trevor.

Come on, baby, don't be like that.

He also looked like a date rapist. And a rabbit.

An Interesting Statistic

Blogspot has a lovely little feature that tells me fun statistics about my blog, which includes search words that are leading people here.

This week, someone was led here by searching for the phrase "world of viginas."

Congratulations, brave voyager. I hope you find what you're searching for.

02 October 2011

Big muscles, big feelings to hurt.

He didn't enjoy my questions, apparently, because he never messaged me back. Then again, maybe his fingers just finally got too jacked to use a keyboard.

Girls are not supposed to be arrogant.

A strong opener. Later:

You know....?

This drives me up a wall. Are you trying to sound like one of those people who ends all of their spoken phrases as if they were a question? You know the type of person I'm talking about? They just sort of let their phrases hang in the air? Like, for someone else to pick up? Or maybe they just can't think of a good way to end the thought? Or something?

Not all that uncommon

First Impressions, Part 1

People send some entertaining things as first messages.

I actually don't know my blood type.

14 September 2011



The lyrics are not available online, unfortunately

This is based on the cheese song, which my little sister put on a road trip CD for me. I cannot find the name, artist, or any of the lyrics online, so I had to go off what I could remember. And then I made some stuff up.

I don't even understand his innuendos here. Squeeze until the cheese comes out? If that's what it looks like, I think there might be a problem. And "then you can eat my cake ;)"? I honestly don't even know what that would refer to.