14 September 2011



The lyrics are not available online, unfortunately

This is based on the cheese song, which my little sister put on a road trip CD for me. I cannot find the name, artist, or any of the lyrics online, so I had to go off what I could remember. And then I made some stuff up.

I don't even understand his innuendos here. Squeeze until the cheese comes out? If that's what it looks like, I think there might be a problem. And "then you can eat my cake ;)"? I honestly don't even know what that would refer to.

11 September 2011

But... It's my birthday!

My logic scared him away. Based on his logic, I would just run around flashing people on the street all the time. And I think we can all agree that that isn't an appropriate way to manage your public life. 

I guess OkC is still a step above craigslist

This happens a lot. People message me with something like "Hey, I'm in town for the night, let's meet up." Isn't this more suited to craigslist's casual encounters section? I mean, OkCupid is still advertised as a dating site and not a site for people who are just looking for a night of anonymous sex.

Smooches. Oh baby, oh baby.