28 August 2011

Nobody likes a Grammar Nazi.

I never used to be much of a Grammar Nazi, but the combination of OkCupid and email duties at my main job have turned me into one recently. I mean, honestly, how hard is it to write as if you made it through high school? On this site, it just amuses me, but at work, it astounds me. It's a business environment!

I actually got into some trouble because of this newly developed pet peeve, but that's a story for another time. Plus, it doesn't involve men hitting on me, so I'm not sure it belongs here.


Anonymous said...

As a fellow OKC girl and grammar nazi who just found this blog, I present to you my best troll moment.

Guy incoming: "Your pretty"
Me: "My pretty what?"

Kathryn Merteuil said...

I've responded like this to people, too! It's just too easy.