08 August 2011

Apparently I've been employing the wrong tactics

With this guy, at least. I started with the basic girl-rapist line, after a terrible pick-up line on his end:
Which, of course, did not deter him. We later got into my extreme stupidity about not particularly modern technology:
But he was a trooper. So I moved on to gold digging, formerly having a penis, AND the implication of death.
But no! Still not scared away! And now we're in weird backstory and ambiguous genitalia land.
Which is why am I just seriously confused that the line that finally got him to give up was this one:
That's right, folks. Apparently you can be the craziest mofo who ever roamed the earth, ambiguous genitalia and all, and it's all good. But if you hate music, stay the hell away.

This completely changes my outlook on some people.

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