06 November 2012

Internet Perverts, Part 3

All of the following messages are unsolicited first messages from guys. I am not making this up. Warning: this post is incredibly graphic. So if you're one of my little sisters, stop reading this and go read your Bible instead.

SERIOUSLY, YOU GUYS. Who does this? Who sends messages like this to people completely unsolicited? I mean, I can maybe see sending a message like this if someone asked you to send them a dirty message, but just out of the blue? Imagine you have a real okcupid profile and not a fake one like mine, and you log on all happy-like only to discover OH GOD WHY. I mean, COME ON.

Oh, but I did receive an apology from the last guy.


Lawlz. No.


Anonymous said...

Crap, now I can never eat Oreos again...

Anonymous said...

Not everybody is offended by such messages (those who aren't have the mentality of approximately, "oh, boys will be boys"). The sender doesn't want to waste time on those who are, or will effectually be, so puts it out at the very beginning.